A Conversation with Fire

A Conversation with Fire

Now a grown man, Moses walks out among the land one day and sees an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. This causes anger and indignation to rise within him, and so he takes action by killing the Egyptian. Thinking no one had seen him, he was shocked when he was accused of murder while breaking up a fight the next day. This caused Moses to flee from Egypt, and for the next 40 years, he lived as a shepherd in the land of Midian…until one day, God spoke to him through the blaze of a burning bush, changing his life forever.

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Exodus 3:2
In yesterday’s episode, we learned the new Pharaoh enslaved and brutalized the people of Israel, even murdering babies to keep the Hebrews from growing in number and power. We met Moses, the adoptive son of the Pharaoh’s own daughter, raised by his biological mother in the Hebrew community. Today we’ll see him make a rash decision to help a Hebrew slave. The prince of Egypt will have a price on his head. In fear, he’ll flee to a faraway land where he can’t hear the plight of Hebrew slaves.
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