A New Earth

A New Earth

In the final vision John was given, he saw the earth and everything in it fade away. It was replaced by a Holy City on a New Earth. God and man now dwelt together in the same space. No more mourning, no pain of heart. Jesus spoke from His throne that He has made all things new and has given the fountain of living water for all who are thirsty or weak. The radiant city was covered in jewels and its gates were inscribed. There was no temple to be found because no temple was needed. God would dwell openly with His people forevermore!

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Revelation 21:1
In our previous episode, we heard about the war to end all wars. The great battle between Satan and his army and God’s army. It was a vision full of symbolism and one that ultimately gives us great hope that one day Christ will come in victory to conquer evil for good. Today we come to the conclusion of our journey through God’s Word. We will hear what John saw when God revealed things to come, as this world passes away and all is made new.
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A New Earth

In the final vision John was given, he saw the earth and everything in it fade away.

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