Abraham and Abimelech

Abraham and Abimelech

Once again, Abraham’s fear for his life causes him to place his wife in harm's way. This time it’s in the kingdom of Abimelech that he tells the men she is his sister. And as in Egypt, the king takes Sarah to be with him. This time, however, Abimelech does not touch her, and God comes to him in a dream, warning him of the situation he is in.

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Genesis 20:1
At times we trust and obey. At other times, we turn back to sin and self-sufficiency. That’s where we’ll find Abraham in this story. Once again encountering a powerful king whom he appears to fear more than he fears the God who has promised to be with him. Again, Abraham will show a lack of regard for the wife he is called to lead and protect, using her as a way to secure his own safety. Does he repent of his wrongdoing and fully own up to his mistake? Or does he try to twist his way out and justify his actions? God works through the situation to restore Abraham and Sarah, King Abimelech, and his household. Consider how God has guarded you against sins you may have committed had it not been for His intervention. This story reminds us of God’s faithfulness to us, even when we fail to be faithful to Him.
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