Abraham, God, and Sodom & Gomorrah

Abraham, God, and Sodom & Gomorrah

God visits Abraham a third time to reaffirm His promise—that Abraham and Sarah will have a son. As He is leaving, God also lets Abraham know that His wrath is about to fall on the wicked city of Sodom and Abraham boldly and humbly fulfills his role as the righteous intercessor, pleading for the life of the innocent to not be destroyed along with the wicked.

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Genesis 18:19
In today’s reading, we’ll find God paying a special visit to Abraham, and He is not alone when He comes. Abraham bows before the Lord and welcomes the travelers with hospitality, sparing no good thing as he lavishes them with food and drink. God again reassures Abraham and Sarah of His promise to give them a child. But that’s not all He is there for. There is a grave matter to which God must attend – the rampant wickedness of two cities. We’ve heard their names before, Sodom and Gomorrah. God’s tolerance for the evildoing in these cities has run out. As we’ve seen before, evil cannot and will not go unpunished—justice must be served. Also, in this story, we see how God is patient and loving toward Sarah even though she is still dubious of her prospects for motherhood. God does not become angry at her doubt but reassures her as a loving parent does to a child.
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