Abraham and Sarah's New Life

Abraham and Sarah's New Life

After 13 years, God appears to Abram and Sarai, reaffirming His promise and giving them a new name to reflect the new life that He has given them. In this encounter, God also commands Abraham, the men of his household, and all of his descendants to practice circumcision as the sign of the covenant between him and God.

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Genesis 21:1
Despite Abram and Sarai’s impatience with God and lack of faith in His plans, God reaffirmed His promise to give them a child that would bless the nations. Throughout the Bible, we see examples of God giving people new names to signify a new start and a fresh identity. That is what we find here, with God again reassuring Abram and Sarai of His covenant and now giving them new names—Abraham and Sarah. So the theme of new beginnings is clear from the outset here, but there are other themes to pay attention to; it is okay to question God, even wonder how, or if, He will be able to deliver on His promise. God’s blessings are not limited. They often differ from person to person, but God has no shortage of gifts to give to those who trust in Him. Today’s story marks a significant step forward in enacting God’s plan to save the world through the sacrifice of one of Abraham’s descendants.
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