After the Flood

After the Flood

The Flood is over, but human sin and foolishness are not. After Noah and his family stepped back onto dry land, Noah offered a sacrifice to God, setting things off on the right foot once again. But Noah’s son Ham dishonors his father and is put under a curse. Fast forward a few generations, and humanity as a whole is disobeying God once again. This time they want their name to become great. Instead of spreading throughout the earth and taking dominion of it, as God commanded, they remain and create a magnificent tower, reaching God’s throne in the heavens.

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Genesis 9:3
Today’s reading picks up with Noah and his sons after the flood. God has delivered them from the destruction brought upon the earth, and now Noah begins to farm the land, labor, and toil. But unfortunately, the curse of sin has not been washed away, and it doesn’t take long for it to wreak havoc again. Pride takes center stage—a theme we’ve seen repeatedly. Take notice of how this pride leads to family divisions with Noah’s sons. Then, as we look at the story of Babel, we notice how the descendants of Adam and Eve repeat the sins of their ancestors, wanting to elevate themselves on par with the Creator. The story of Babel is where we learn the origin of different languages and the purpose for which God used them. It may be easy to hear these passages and fail to acknowledge the role of pride in our lives and how it causes us strife and pain. But remember that we bear the seed of Adam’s sin within us and, in many ways, are not different from those we’ll hear about today.
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