Balaam's Prophecy

Balaam's Prophecy

Balaam finally arrives on the cliff where Balak is, and as he looks over at the mass of people below, he begins to understand Balak’s fear. Nevertheless, he has Balak and his men build seven altars and offer sacrifices to the God Most High. Balaam does this three times, but each time God causes Balaam to bless the people of Israel instead of curse them. Balak’s anger and consternation became great, but he could do nothing to thwart the plans of God.

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Numbers 23:19
In our last episode we heard how Balak, king of Moab sought out a pagan soothsayer named Balaam and offered treasures if he would curse the growing Israelite people. Balak was afraid of the Hebrews who, though untrained and not hostile, could easily overthrow his kingdom if they decided to. We heard how Balaam responded, in the negative at first, but then tried to seek out Balak, in opposition to God’s command. We heard the bizarre tale of Balaam’s donkey, who spoke to Balaam before the angel of the Lord appeared and warned Balaam not to oppose God. He sent Balaam along to meet Balak, with instructions to say only what God told him to. Today we’ll hear what Balaam says to Balak. So let’s listen now to today’s reading.
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