From Palace to Prison

From Palace to Prison

Though sold into slavery, Joseph served in the house of an Egyptian official named Potiphar. While there, God blessed Joseph and made him successful. Potiphar recognized this blessing was coming from Joseph, but Potiphar’s wife did not, and by her wicked accusations, Joseph went from palace to prison. But even in this dark prison, God continued to bless him and those he served.

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Genesis 39:7
Joseph is a bright young man and a hard worker who soon proves himself trustworthy to his master, Potiphar. Potiphar is the head of the Pharaoh’s bodyguards—a strong man with influence and power. When we have integrity, God blesses our work, and the outside world notices something different about us. Joseph was an attractive man, and Potiphar’s wife became lustful and offered herself to him continuously. Naturally, many would not turn her down, but Joseph was different. He knew his master trusted him, and he would not break that trust for worldly pleasures nor dishonor God. How often can we resist temptation at first but then give in? We are called to flee from temptation because it wears us down. When Potiphar’s wife eventually corners Joseph in the palace alone, he doesn’t offer polite refusals. He runs! The woman is angry, so she accuses Joseph of assault, and Joseph is sent to prison. Yet Joseph still chooses to trust God and lean on him. This trust leads to incredible victory.
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