From Prison to Palace

From Prison to Palace

Two years had passed since Joseph interpreted the dreams of the chief cupbearer. Now it was Pharaoh’s turn to dream. When no man in his court could interpret the dream for him, his cupbearer finally remembered Joseph, and Pharaoh sent for him at once. And because God had allowed him to interpret Pharoah’s dream, Joseph was granted great authority over Egypt. Joseph came as a prisoner but left as the second in command of all of Egypt.

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Genesis 41:16
Today we’ll pick up with Joseph after two years had passed. He is still in prison, living faithfully toward God in this place where he finds himself. He continued to pray to God each day for his situation to change, and when the time is right, God will move to make this happen. That is what we’ll hear today, as the Pharaoh himself is plagued with fearsome and confusing dreams that rob him of his peace. None of the wise men and sorcerers in his palace will be of any help. Little does he know that there sits in a prison cell a man who God has gifted with the incredible ability to interpret dreams.
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