God Answers Job in a Whirlwind

God Answers Job in a Whirlwind

Job, sick of trying to defend himself to his friends, begins to question God and His ways begging for a hearing from God. Soon after, God does show up, and Job fearfully regrets his request as God begins to question him instead. Job submits to God, admitting that he knew nothing compared to God. This is a lesson that each of us can learn as we are going through hard times that make us question God.

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Job 42:12
In our last episode we heard how God allowed Satan to attack Job’s physical wellbeing. Job was stricken with painful boils and sores that covered his body. Yet even in excruciating pain, and despite the urging of his wife to curse God, Job remained steadfast in his trust of God. His friends who came initially supported him in silence, but eventually began accusing Job of hidden sins – the only viable explanation for his awful state. Job dismissed their claims, knowing he was righteous before God. But he was perplexed, even angry, and he wanted answers. So he sought God out. Today we’ll hear that exchange. What Job says, and how God answers him in a mighty whirlwind. Let’s listen to today’s reading to find out what God has to say, and what it leads Job to conclude.
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