God Provides Quail

God Provides Quail

The burden of the people is becoming too much for Moses to bear alone, and at their most recent complaint for meat, he lets God know his feelings. God, in His graciousness, listens to the cry of His servant's heart and provides 70 men to help Moses lead the people, and carry the burden. God also gave those complaining about meat what they asked for, but it came at a price.

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Numbers 11:31
In yesterday’s reading, we learned that God led the Israelites into the desert again, headed to the promised land. God instructed the Israelites in the building and setting up of the Tabernacle, the place where His presence would dwell with them on earth. As we closed out the book of Exodus, God was leading the Israelites through the desert, his presence once again appearing as cloud and fire to guide them and tell them when to stop and when to go. Today we’ll enter the book of Numbers, and sadly, we’ll again hear how the people continue to complain and lack of trust in God. Their impatience and distrust will wear on Moses, and God will see that he needs help. Leading these people is no small task, after all.
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