Hagar and Ishmael

Hagar and Ishmael

Several years pass since the promise made to Abram, causing him and his wife Sarai to become impatient. So Sarai devises a plan to speed up God’s promise of an heir by having Hagar, her slave, bear children for her. Abram goes along with the plan, and fear and hate are born as a result. However, God is faithful even to the abused, and Hagar, found by the Angel of The Lord as she was running away, receives comfort and a promise of blessing by God.

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Genesis 16:11
We’ve been looking at the life of Abram and God’s promise to bless the world through him. But Abram wasn’t the only one in that plan. His wife Sarai was to be the one to give him descendants. Let’s look at Sarai’s life and the discouragement she and Abram felt as they continued to wait for a promise yet to be fulfilled. Sometimes the faith journey feels like two steps forward and one step back. Abram and Sarai took a big step back—a step born out of impatience and a desire to do the work only God could do. We’ll see the devastating effects of wanting to be like God and failing to take responsibility for your sins. Yet God patiently walks with Abram and his household even amid unfaithfulness. Abram’s sin would not go without consequences, but God keeps His promise never to leave or forsake him. God still has compassion for those who, like Sarai’s servant Hagar, are wounded by the sins of others.
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