Jacob Meets Rachel

Jacob Meets Rachel

In this Bible Story, Jacob is affirmed by the Lord that he would be blessed as his father Isaac was. Upon arrival, Jacob met Rachel and immediately fell in love. Jacob is tricked into marrying Laban’s older daughter, Leah, before marrying Rachel. This story is inspired by Genesis 28:1-29:29.

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Genesis 29:10
The theme of today’s passage is promises. In this story, Jacob is on his way to his uncle’s home. But before that, Esau is mourning his losses and seeks to reclaim, in some way, a blessing he felt was due him. When Jacob finally arrives in Laban’s land, he encounters a woman with whom he falls madly in love. And that love will lead him to extraordinary lengths to ensure Rachel will be his wife. Also, in this story, Jacob and Laban begin a close relationship, which will seem peculiar in a future passage. But for now, Jacob seems to have found the home and family that he’s lost. First, the promises God gives to Jacob as He meets him along the way in a dream. These profound promises will shape the course of history as the line of Abraham continues headed to the ultimate promise—the Messiah, who will deliver the world from sin.
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