Paul on Trial

Paul on Trial

In the hall of Governor Felix, Jewish representatives, and lawyers were making their accusations against Paul. Paul was silent, waiting for his turn to make a defense. Because he had done no wrong, Felix postponed judgment until a later date and retained him as a prisoner. It was during this time that Paul would write his letters to the various churches. After two years had passed a new Governor was appointed, yet Paul was still captive. So Paul appealed to the new governor, Festus, to be sent to Rome and tried by Caesar. God was opening up doors for him to speak life into the most powerful people in the known world.

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Acts 26:29
In our previous episode, we heard how Paul appeared before the leaders in Jerusalem and how they did not want to hear him speak. Paul used their own lack of unity against them and frustrated their attempts to have him condemned. Ultimately Paul was sent away to Caesarea to stand trial before Felix the governor. God was working even through the opposition to accomplish His purposes in Paul’s ministry. Today we’ll hear as Paul stands trial before Felix, the Roman governor of the region. Though the leaders in Jerusalem were frustrated in their attempts to silence and even kill Paul, they did not relent and will continue to oppose Paul and bring false accusations against him before Felix. We’ll hear as Paul remains bold, calm, and collected, and continues to use his rights as a Roman citizen, even the right to be tried by the supreme Roman ruler.
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