Pharaoh says No!

Pharaoh says No!

Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh to deliver God’s message about his people. But Pharoah refuses to acknowledge God’s power and lordship, instead, he asserts his own lordship and power over the people by punishing them with an even heavier workload for asking to worship their God. This causes the people of Israel to grumble against Moses. He cried out to God and is reaffirmed on His promise to set His people free.

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Exodus 5:2
In our previous episode, we journeyed with Moses out of Midian and back to Egypt. Along the way, God prepared Moses for his meeting with Pharaoh. God called Aaron to go to Moses and meet him so they could tell the Hebrew people that God had heard their cries and answered. There was finally hope to swirl through the Hebrew homes. Deliverance was coming. But would Pharaoh allow it? Today we’ll hear as Moses and Aaron meet with Pharaoh to give him a message from God. “Let my people go.” Pharaoh will not make things easier for Israel. On the contrary, he will increase their suffering. Listen for how Moses reacts, how he speaks honestly with God, and for God’s response to Moses.
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