Returning to Egypt

Returning to Egypt

Joseph, having been made governor of the land, was overseeing all the distribution of the food that had been stored to survive the famine. When one day, his own brothers came for help—the very ones who threw him in a pit and sold him into slavery. He recognized them, but they had no idea who he was.

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Genesis 42:2
When we join up with him in today’s reading, the plentiful years have passed, and under Joseph’s careful guidance food has been stored in preparation for the famine. And just as he said it would, the famine had come. We’ll see how this time of great need had swept far and wide, beyond Egypt, and into Canaan, where Jacob and his sons were living. And as we’ll learn, Joseph’s brothers would travel far, into the land of Egypt to ask for help, not knowing that it was the brother whom they betrayed that they would face.
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