Sodom and Gomorrah

Sodom and Gomorrah

Two Angels meet Lot in the city of Sodom to warn him of the coming destruction. But while they are there, the wicked men of the city try to take advantage of them. The Angels then cause blindness to come among them and urge Lot to leave with his wife and children immediately. So Lot and his two daughters can escape to the city of Zoar, but his wife, in a moment of weakness, is turned into a pillar of salt.

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Genesis 19:1
In this passage, the evil in Sodom and Gomorrah had gone too far, and God was going to bring judgment upon them and destroy them. But Abraham intervened, and God agreed to relent if ten righteous people were found in these cities. Two angels with God arrived in Sodom, where Abraham’s nephew Lot was still living. They tried to find righteous men who could spare the cities from annihilation. As you hear this passage and the things the townspeople do to these angels, imagine how much this grieved God’s heart to see the depth of depravity in the hearts of those created in His own image. God’s righteous anger against Sodom and Gomorrah was more than warranted. But consider, too, that our hearts are not so different and prone to sin and evil that greatly grieves the heart of our Father.
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