The First Miracle

The First Miracle

As Jesus was walking by the shore of Galilee, two of John's disciples started following Him. One of these was Andrew, who quickly went to get his brother Simon. As Jesus continued on into the city, He called a man named Phillip to follow Him, and Phillip in turn went to tell his friend Nathanael about finding the Messiah. A few days later, Jesus and His followers were at a wedding in the nearby city of Cana. There, he performed the first of His signs.

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John 2:9
In our previous episode, we heard how John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus and how he baptized Christ in the presence of a multitude of people. We heard God speak and declare that Jesus was His Son for all to hear. Following that amazing event, Jesus went into the wilderness where he endured temptation and emerged victorious, ready to begin his earthly ministry. Today we’ll hear about the men Jesus called to walk with him for his remaining time on earth. These twelve men were from different backgrounds, none of them obvious choices to shadow the King of kings. Then we’ll see as Jesus performs his first miracle at a wedding, at the request of his mother.
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