The Mighty Storm

The Mighty Storm

As Paul was on the ocean on his way to trial, Luke was by his side and the two of them enjoyed a brief reprieve, chatting with the sailors in the open air. However, on their way to Crete, a powerful storm came upon them and began to break the ship apart and flood it with water. But God came to Paul and reassured him that he and the crew would make it to Rome. The storm continued to rage for a few more days and then finally let up. As they were about to run the ship aground it caught reef and broke apart. Just as the soldiers were getting ready to kill the prisoners to keep them from escaping, the centurion ordered them to stop for the sake of Paul.

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Acts 27:44
In our previous episode, Paul appeared before Felix the governor, and gave his defense against the false accusations of the Jewish leaders. Felix did not make a ruling but left Paul under house arrest for two years. Then we heard Paul give his testimony to King Agrippa – a compelling witness that nearly won the king for Christ. He was inclined to release Paul, but because he had appealed to Caesar, he was sent off to appear before the most powerful man in the world. Today we’ll hear how Paul – under the guard of Roman soldiers and with his friend and physician Luke by his side – sails toward Rome. Along the way, a mighty storm will arise and Paul will answer the call to comfort those in fear for their lives.
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