The Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men

In search of the Messiah, three wise men from the south made their way up to Judea. They went to the palace of King Herod to ask if he knew where this newborn King was. When they finally made it to Bethlehem, they found Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. They worshiped Him, presenting Him with gifts that would both assist them and proclaim what His life would be about. Meanwhile, King Herod, ordered that all boys under two years old be killed in an effort to root out this new “king”. But God was with Joseph and revealed to him in a dream that he should flee immediately with Mary and Jesus to Egypt to be protected from Herod's massacre.

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Matthew 2:11
In our previous episode, we heard how Jesus was born in Bethlehem in humble circumstances. How he was visited by shepherds, the first to receive news of his birth, and how they went out telling others what they’d seen. Today we’ll hear of visitors from afar who arrive many months after Jesus’ birth, looking for the one they’d heard foretold and whose star they had seen rising in the night sky to guide them to the true king of kings. Their presence will incite paranoia and fear in King Herod, and Joseph will flee with Mary and Jesus into Egypt.
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