Zipporah and Aaron

Zipporah and Aaron

Everyone who had sought Moses’ life was now dead, and God commanded Moses to return to Egypt to liberate His people, Israel. While on the way there, God’s wrath came against Moses because he had yet to obey the command of circumcision that was meant to set His people apart. Zipporah acts quickly, and the family is spared. After this, God called Aaron out from Egypt to meet his brother, and the two delivered God’s message to the people of Israel together.

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Exodus 4:25
In our previous episode, we learned that Moses’ exile was interrupted after forty years by a burning bush. God’s presence appeared to tell him he was needed back in Egypt. Despite Moses’ many protests, God did not give up on him. He empowered and reassured Moses that he, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, would go with him. Today we’ll hear about Moses’ return to Egypt and how God called his brother Aaron to meet Moses and lead the people alongside him. We’ll also hear how Moses’ wife, Zipporah, acts swiftly to demonstrate obedience and commitment to God. This is a story about God going before and going with those he calls.
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