The Tree that Gives Knowledge

The Tree that Gives Knowledge

When God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, He told Adam that he could eat from any tree of the Garden…that is any tree except the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. For God knows what’s best, and He wanted to give Adam and Eve a chance to choose freely either to trust in Him, and what He says - coming to Him for knowledge and wisdom - or to trust in their own power, and try to seize wisdom on their own terms. Listen as we see Adam face the consequences of his choice and reflect on how each one of us still face this choice today.

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Read Genesis 3:1-2
It all starts when a fourth character enters the scene… a serpent bent on ruining what God had made. God spoke life and truth, the serpent spoke lies and death. His target was none other than God’s greatest creation… mankind. You remember the choice Adam was given by God? Two trees. One gave everything good, eternal life. The other, only death. Adam and Eve knew the rules. They were free to eat of any tree, except for that one. But the serpent, our enemy the devil, wedged himself into their minds, casting doubt on God. Listen today to how the devil used doubt and pride to tempt Adam and Eve to sin. The choice was ultimately theirs, but he nudged them in that direction. The results were nothing short of catastrophic, and they reverberate through your own life to this day.
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