Bible in a Year Devotional Collection

Joseph Reunited with his Family

After testing his brothers to see if they had changed over the years, Joseph finally decides to reveal who he is to them.

Baby from the Nile

A new Pharaoh had arisen who neither knew nor cared about what Joseph had done for his people.

A Conversation with Fire

Now a grown man, Moses walks out among the land one day and sees an Egyptian beating a Hebrew.

Zipporah and Aaron

Everyone who had sought Moses’ life were now dead and God commanded Moses to return to Egypt to liberate His people, Israel.

Pharaoh says No!

Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh to deliver God’s message about his people.

Plague by Plague

As Moses and Aaron bring God’s request before Pharaoh and Pharaoh refuses, signs are given from God to prove His request.

Last Plague and Passover

Though God’s plagues against Pharaoh continued, he continued to harden his heart like stone.

God Protects and Provides

God provides His people a miraculous means of escape and a final victory over the Egyptians once and for all.

The Lord Gives Water and Victories

Even in their complaints, God is full of mercy, and He provided life-giving water for the people out of a solid rock.

The Ten Commandments

God’s people have finally made it to the land of Sinai, where they camped at the mountain's base.

A God We Can See?

At the foot of the mountain, the people of Israel become frightened once again.

Journey Towards the Promise Land

While God intends to keep His promise to His people, their stubborn hearts are repulsive to Him.

God Provides Quail

The burden of the people is becoming too much for Moses to bear alone.

Defying Moses

Just as Cain was jealous of Abel's approval by God, so now Miriam and Aaron are jealous of Moses.

The Borders of Canaan

Israel is finally on the borders of the promised land, so Moses sends out 12 spies, one from each tribe, at God’s command.

Korah and His Followers

Jealousy has once again entered the camp.

Water Flows from the Rock

Hungry and thirsty, the people complain once again.

God Makes a Donkey Speak

Israel finally finds some sense of rest in the plains of Moab.

Balaam's Prophecy

Balaam finally arrives on the cliff where Balak is, and he begins to understand Balak’s fear.

The Life of a True Servant

Moses was now 120 years old and his time had almost come.

Rahab and the Spies

Joshua, the newly appointed leader of Israel, struggles with doubt wondering if he has what it takes to measure up to Moses.

Crossing the Jordan

As the spies share the good news with the people of Israel, hope rises in their hearts.

God Gives His People Jericho

As Joshua studies the walls of Jericho, a commander of Heaven’s Armies meets him and gives him God’s plan.

Achan Sins

The people, excited about their first victory against Jericho, send spies to check out the next city they must take Ai.

Joshua and the Treaty

The Gibeonites, a people of the land of Canaan, hear about what God is doing for the people of Israel and fear for their lives.

Joshua's Farewell

Joshua gets ready for his departure to heaven and gives the people of Israel encouragement.

The Righteousness and Loss of Job

There once was a man named Job who lived in the land of Uz.

Curse God and Die

Once again Satan comes into the presence of The LORD

God Answers Job in a Whirlwind

Job, sick of trying to defend himself to his friends, begins to question God.

Rescuing Judges

Joshua and his generation had passed and with them, faithfulness to God.